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  • » From "Hammersmith London March 2010" // March 11, 2010 5:48:29 PM UTC

    My first-ever Skynyrd concert (although a fan for many years).

    'Skynyrd were excellent - best concert I've seen in years, possibly EVER.

    Have been enjoying 'God & Guns' since I got my copy last Autumn (Fall) - the new songs sit well beside the 'classics', especially in a concert setting.

    'Skynyrd can be proud of themselves.

    For me, 'Simple Man' was sooooo moving - literally brought tears to my eyes... highlights? So many great moments, but I'd say 'Tuesdays Gone' and (naturally) 'Freebird' were inspired.

    Loved the songs from 'Street Survivors', but was great to hear 'Skynyrd play 'Down South Jukin' ' too... in fact, I couldn't argue with any of the songs they chose to play.

    My wife has been converted and can't stop singing 'Still Unbroken' and/or 'Tuesdays Gone' around our house.

    Looks like the DVDs will be getting played more often now...

    If any of the band reads this: PLEASE come back to the UK again as soon as you can!

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