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  • » From "" I believe that God had plans for me" - Gary Rossington" // November 04, 2009 5:13:46 PM UTC

    You know..., Gary's right. God did have a plan for him..., And, still does. I was home today,playing Skynyrd tunes on my guitar, like i have been for some twenty five years. And it was because of Gary and Allen,and Steve, and Ronnie, and that blistering Guitar attack that i heard way back in "77" when i was just a kid in sixth grade, that inspired me to pick up the Guitar and never stop learning and playing and beliving that Where all here on this earth for a breath of the Good Lords Second, Its very inspireing to know that Gary and all the guys and gals in Lynyrd Skynyrd are still pushin, still belivin, and still playin like they allways have ben.I Love the New Disc, And its nice to know that after all this band has ben through over its' Life time, There still that disire to make new music!!!!!!!! God Bless you guys!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the Hartfelt Crunchin Rock-n-Roll!!!!!!!!

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