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    @myjmyers: @myjmyers: I can't & will never agree with that thought & I don't think RONNIE & the others would feel that way either. Ricky Medtlock was one of the very first original members of the band. These guys are about GOD,family and deep southern roots and lifetime friendship. They're just steppin in for the ones God called home to keep the music and message alive. I agree nobody can sing those songs like Ronnie did but Johnny does a helluva good job. The band has a little different style, still 100% southern rock-n-roll. I think the heart,the commitment,the energy,& the bond is still in-tact & the "Dream is still alive". It would be a dream come true for me if I could play just "one" song on stage with those guys. I almost had that chance about 18 yrs ago with a cover band I was in called the "Night Watch Band", we played mostly Skynyrnd tunes,but the deal fell through. Got to meet Ronnies Dad (Lacey Vanzant) & Gene Odem. He was Ronnies childhood friend security manager for the band. Diamondback !

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