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    GTRPKR, certainly not mad!

    roadfatigue, what I don't get is why do the bands allow it? Certainly there's an element of supply/demand plus the fact that a lot of these older bands are at the tail end of their productive/money earning years, but at a certain point it really does get ridiculous. I have to believe the band has some power to control pricing, whether or not they choose to exercise it is another thing.

    The Beacon show was not a sellout. I got 7th row center the day of the show and there were 4 empty seats right next to me. There are 4 bars downstairs at the Beacon, 2 serve liquor, 2 just beer and soft drinks. I went out fairly early to grab a beer and the 2 beer only bars were closed. Asked the guy about it and he said "this show isn't a sellout, much smaller crowd than we expected".

    Be interesting to see if they adjust the ticket prices if they visit the Beacon again.

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