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    my name is steve phillips,my dad was lloyd phillips from jacksonville fla. he dated gary rossingtons sister nancy in the 60,s and taught gary the basics of playing guitar.i got to actually meet gary in person at a concert in marion s.c. i live in alittle town north of myrtle beach s.c. called aynor im going to buy the new cd today. i've heard the single skynyrd nation,i'm looking forward to the rest of the album.if gary or dale reads this please give me a call at 843-433-1538 p.s. my brother randy still has the guild guitar you gave my dad.i have a peavy amp with black widow speakers my dad gave me before he died.he said he got it from randell hall who borrowed it from gary and my dad called gary to come by and pick it up and gary told him to keep gary if you get this message please give me a call

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