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    =sampete said:"Hello Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan!

    Thank you for purchasing a VIP Package for your Skynyrd show! We know you are anxiously waiting to receive your VIP packages elements. All items have been ordered and we are just awaiting shipment to our warehouse. We expect all items to be received in the coming weeks. Once we get them, we will ship them right out to you. They are definitively worth the wait!

    Thank you for your patience.


    I called AA to ask where the rest of the stuff is and they said they are sending out an email with info about it. I received the same email as you did. I was expecting to receive everything all at once, just got the tix. When I ordered the VIP in May they didn't mention that you will receive just the tickets and everything else would be delivered in several weeks after the tickets. Hell if I would've known that I wouldn't have ordered the VIP package. Several weeks to receive the other items? Who knows how long that will be? Maybe months.

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