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    I don't believe anyone is complaining about meet and greets and backstage passes. Some are just mentioning other VIP experiences etc as they discuss the topic.

    The complaint is that you didn't receive the VIP PACKAGE. We can read we know what was to be included, the issue is we didn't receive that. I ordered my PACKAGE in March. Concert was in June. Plenty of time to get a few shirts and other swag together and make some dang laminates. If you had no intention on delivering these packages beforehand or at the concert, you shouldn't have taken peoples' money. A momento is from an event not something you get in the mail whenever. I would have gladly taken a second row seat through the fanclub and not paid $100+ extra a ticket if I wasn't going to get my merchandise.
    If it was my company I would have had my people at the show buying the merchandise at the venue sales and delivering it to the VIPS at the show if need be. I would have holed up in a hotel room with a computer, printer, and laminator and made the laminates. I would have made it happen. You take the money you deliver the goods, and make your customers happy. I think Bret needs to show them how you make things happen on apprentice or you're fired.
    getting a letter with your tix saying you will be notified a week before the show regarding your pkg and then getting no notification or response to an email is just bad business practice.
    No one blames the band but it is sad that it affects the great show we saw, and performance that they put their hearts into. I am sure any of them would be unhappy had the bought a pkg such as this and didn't get what they bought, and only received little, confusing or no response to their inquiries.
    Heck, I would have been glad to help and have made laminates the night before and do the running to get the merchandise for them from the venue to make my fellow LS fans happy at the show I attended.
    I love this band it is too bad that a VIP package weeks later makes you feel anything but VIP.

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