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    Hiya from Spain. Yes, same here (Skynyrd maniac for life). Love everything about the band. You know what, I agree with you, man. Not just that, Ronnie was an amazing songwriter. Wasn`t no stupid man. I do value what these guys are doing, but (and not only musically) they are way way behind what the band did in the past. I don't like the way former members have been treated day in and day out over the years. That beign said, good luck to Lynyrd Skynyrd and hopefully I'll see you guys on the road soon.

    =Dan Hafstrom said:Congratulations on the new site! But ...
    I've been a Skynyrd fan all my life. I've respected the post-crash band as a celebration of what once was and a nice line of work for the boys involved, but the new record is just stupid. God and Guns? If you wanna write songs like that, please do, but don't call yourself Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ronnie sure was proud of his origins but he was not a stupid redneck. Remember a song called "Saturday Night Special"? Well if u don't here's the lyrics for it.

    Two feets they come a creepin
    Like a black cat do
    And two bodies are lyin naked
    Creeper think he got nothin to lose
    So he creeps into this house, yeah
    And unlocks the door
    And while a man reaching for his trousers
    Shoots him full of .38 holes

    Its a saturday night special
    Got a barrel thats blue and cold
    Aint no good for nothin
    But put a man six feet in a hole

    Big jims been drinkin whiskey
    And playing poker on a losin night
    Pretty soon, big jim starts a thinkin
    Somebody been cheatin and lyin
    So big jim commences to fightin
    I wouldnt tell you no lie
    And big jim done grab his pistol
    Shot his friend right between the eyes


    Hand guns are made for killin
    Aint no good for nothin else
    And if you like your whiskey
    You might even shoot yourself
    So why dont we dump em people
    To the bottom of the sea
    Before some fool come around here
    Wanna shoot either you or me

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