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    I love listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd! I like to ride my Harley put in a cd and crank it up. I have been inspired by this new son "Still Unbroken" In the last three years I have been through a seperation and then divorce because my ex decided to choose a guy she worked with over her husband of twenty seven years. I lost my house and got to keep the morgage. Shortly after the seperation but before the divorce I had a motorcycle accident. I'm self employed for 34 years and I couldn't work for over a year. I won't ever be able to do the work I used to do. I've lost a lot, broken heart, broken bones. Was very depressed for a while.
    I have been inspired by this song! I ain't never giving up! I'm Still Unbroken!
    I'm going to see them live in Bethlehem Pa. Aug 16th I can't wait to see them do this song live and get the cd!

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