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    Wow...and I thought I was the only one who hated the "club" about a month ago I got an email saying my membership had been "renewed" and I was like wha??? I hadn't done that. I've not even bought a ticket in over 3 years. Let alone renewed anything. The email said $25 the bank statement said $35 and I came dang near close to screwing up a house payment thanks to them. Emailing does no good.. but in Sept when my debit card is up for renewal that should stop this crap hopefully. and to the person talking about the shirts being the same 3 years straight, in all the years I've been a "member" I've recieved 2 shirts, one black one white. I didn't even know we got them every year! Not that I plan on wearing them, but if thats what the 25/35 goes for it would be nice to recieve it anyways.

    Remember the days when alls ya had to do was be on the phone/computer at the right time on the presale date? Life was so much easier then. Only worry was whether or not I was at work, and made arrangements to be on the phone or have someone be on the phone for me. And everyone had the same chance at front row seats as everyone else. Not this "package" deal, now a 5th row seat is sacred around here. And how many "normal'' working people can actually afford that? It just blows my mind and I've not even priced tickets in several years.

    Things have changed for sure, my first post on this site, and I already recognize a bunch of names from the old days. I'm glad at least a few things haven't changed. I've met some of the dearest people in my life through these sites, and some, well not so much but I highly doubt they're around here anyways. Just glad I'm not alone with this fan club mess. Maybe one day it will get straightened out.

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