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  • » From "Skynyrd visit Greece for the first time" // June 18, 2012 3:27:12 PM UTC

    =lone star fool said:Hi I want to ask if anybody knows how can i meet the band while their visit to Greece.
    I'm trying to find the hotel they are gonna stay but its difficult to find out.

    We are Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band in Italy - Old Grey Jacket. We've been trying to find how to contact them during their concert in Italy for quite a long time before the concert, as we wanted to meet them and handle them our demo CD. I can tell you that this is quite impossible.
    As well we tried to find all the possibilities to meet them before or after the concert, to talk with the organizers of the concerts, their own crew, and all the other possible people. The only people we managed to catch were Molly Hatchet members, and they . were very helpful and friendly. Can tell you only one thing that even the crew members told - will be really hard. Which is normal as they are in the world tour. Basically in Italy they were brought with the cars to the stage and straight away back there from the stage after the concert.
    Anyways, good luck, from all our band members, we envy you for tonight, they are fantastic, this was the best concert of my life.

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