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    @tbone65: hi..from cornwall UK. read the above heartfelt ...and beautifuly thought out message. I guess i'm...the odd man (woman!) out here. coz...I ived a very full life, from age 13 very independent travelling to Stonehenge festivals/ Windsor free festival...a happy free young spirit..who did partake of illeadrugs and life was filled with excitement, love and happiness..oh yeah I did work a lot of the time too!. in 2007 my husband who i'd been with since 1981...just up & left. causing innumerable problems for myself and my whole family. I was totally alone 5 hour drive from my parents and bulk of my family. i was medically retired (running an animal rescue....) so living on peanuts...though I did own the house I lived in....then august 21.....2007 mum dad was heart broken he hit the bottle hard and went to heaven on april 25th 2009 I was told by several doctors that I had to stop drinking as my liver was enlarged.i didn't stop drinking as it was all I had that kept me sane. I sold my house moved to eire as I have plenty of family and friends there ...and I wanted to be amongst people of a kindred spirit. English folk...have too much of a stressful life!..where as the irish philosophy is..drink eat be merry...because so long as you have food in your belly and a place to crash.....the trip to heaven is a faster...but still a happy I lived in Ireland not even 1 day this dirty stinking dog followed me back from the bar by my local beach life was cool!...I enjoyed partying seeing live music all of the time and travelling all over Europe as I had the cash from the sale of my house in uk........this dog I called "jim" a black Labrador...was close to death, such sadness in his eyes...such a longing to be loved.He stayed by my side ...I got him fixed up and healthy..gave him a bed next to my head...on my pillow.all the while I was still chucking booze down my block out the sadness I had endured...........jim was there...each time I cried into my pillow....he was there eating steak when we went out to the pubs.. we walked the beach together daily.....gradually he won me over...I decided to head back to UK..find a place to rent.. because by this liver damage was extensive...end stage liver disease...only way back was/is transplant...& not a choice for me.before I left in 2009...i'd had a few strokes..3 in all......also degenerative lung disease.....I wasn't able to do much as I had lost 3 stone in weight...and was a 6 stone weaklling.when alcohol gets ahold...the grip is so ALL ENCOMPASSING...that each day...becomes a party longer could I play my piano guitars.. accordion...which I'd done all my life...I couldn't tie my shoe march 2nd 2010 I became booze and drug free ....yes over night no rehab here! was bloody easy!...I was clammy and shakey for a few weeks...but walked it out with my dog!.....I remained sober for 3 entire health didn't improve..and I wasn't happy. I didn't travel...I didn't go out it was just me my dog and the 2013 march 2nd I decided to go back to having a few drinks..........and..even if each drink I take shortens my life. I must say...since iv'e started drinking socially...i'm alive again!...I can sing with my friends and though im terminally ill....(not just with the illnesses I mentioned) I know I made the right choice! in my case.....rock and drink and a few soft drugs...are an integral part of keeping sane. so what works for 1 person...isn't necessarily the best choice for you. just so long as you are a kind giving, loving, reasonably intelligent, caring makes no difference if you're a drinker or not. we all need a crutch in life. we are all dying from the time of conception. I think we should think of death as our friend...and not something to fear..?so I wish all you skynyrd people a very happy matter how long or life as if each day were your last. And To Ronnie...and all the FREEBIRDS.......FLY ON HIGH....i'll always be by your and my faithful irish dog JIM...XXX ABSOLUTELY GREAT GIG IN LONDON 2012 NOVEMBER!....see you somewhere again someday soon I hope and pray. chrissy (redsynfox...from the old site...)

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