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    =Mr. Shovel said:In my opinion, Lynyrd Skynyrd is the best and coolest band of all time. Having said that, I can't begin to imagine why the band refuses to play post plane crash music live. I love the classics just like the rest of you but it is absolutely ridiculous for them to not play any of their own GREAT music. My wife and I just recently rode our choppers 400 miles to see Skynyrd in Lampe Mo. They were great as always but refused to play even one single newer song. Not even Last of a Dyin' Breed which this tour is supposed to be promoting. Also, Red, White and Blue should be the "official" support our troops song, not Simple Man. My group and I have purchased 36 tickets to the Skynyrd show at the Kansas State Fair and every one of us love the last four albums. I hate to say it, but, if that show is a repeat of the standard "oldies" show, it will be my last. We'll just have our shop parties and play Vicious Cycle, God and Guns, Edge of Forever, and Last of a Dyin' Breed and continue to wish we could see these GREAT songs performed live. I really can't believe that these extremely talented musicians like playing the old stuff night after night. So, what IS the ***** deal anyway? These guys are WAY too good to go down in history as an oldies cover band.

    Mr. Shovel I agree with you completely. I saw them back in May at Harrahs in Chester,PA and they were great. Tonight July 17th they are playing not to far from me in NJ. with Bad Company at the susquehanna bank center a venue that I don't care for. I know this show will just be a greatest hits set. I would really like to see the band somewhere that they will play a lot of their new material and not have to share the billing with anyone else. If anyone knows of a venue or date when this may occur please post as I am willing to travel.

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