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    @treblejunkie: I don't know what makes you think i support you in your argument. I can't stand stupid liberals who think gun control is the answer ya'll can move back to france. I bet your one of those sissy easterners that are hand fed by the government because ya'll steal money from the hard working loyal Albertans by taxing the life out of the oil and gas industry. I also am guessing you are one of those ndp voters. so don't talk to me like i am on your side. and don't come on lynyrd skynyrd like some sissy trying to look tough and create an argument. this sight is for people who love the music that this band makes. I will back up Canada when someone talks down about it, but i will not support an ignorant liberal fool.

    from a redneck albertan

    and hey if there are any women on this sight respect them and keep the foul language to yourself.

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