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    @SkynyrdSlate: I went to that RFK show in DC. If my memory serves correctly, Ed King had quit and they played with only two guitars - Rossington and Collins.

    It was an awesome show though. It was a cloudy/rainy day. Not bad enough to hurt anything, but the weather wasn't great. Everybody else (Nugent, Nazareth, Aerosmith) all drove out to the stage in limos. LS drove out in a beat up Volkswagon bus.

    When they were done, they all climbed back in the bus to leave, but after a few minutes, the door opened and Ronnie Van Zandt came out. The whole house went nuts. He took a long pull off his Jim Beam and motioned for the others to follow him. Billy Powell started playing the intro to Freebird and as God as my witness, the sun started peeking through the clouds with seagulls buzzing the stadium. Allen Collins slayed that solo hanging ten at the front of the stage and never missed a note.

    Also saw them at the Capitol Center with Steve Gaines. When Steve played his slide stuff on T for Texas, the big 4 sided monitor at the center of the venue had a shot looking down Steve's Les Paul with Ronnie Van Zandt watching him in the background. Ronnie just shook his head as he played - totally blown away by his playing. It was epic.

    I saw LS last night and they practically played that Capital Center show. Every show I saw them before the accident, they started with "Working for the MCA" - last night was no exception. In the indoor shows, they had that huge disco ball during Freebird. Again, last night was no exception. Rickey Medlocke and Sparky do their original members justice - the 3 guitar army is different, but more than able.

    the only thing I truly miss when comparing the new lineup versus the old, is Allen Collin's version of Crossroads. He played it at that Capital Center show and he ripped it. Other than that, they are really playing the same tunes at almost the same quality here and now.

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