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    Have been a fan since the 70's and caught my second show last night at PNC. You guys were really uninspiring and it wasn't you. Having lived through all the changes and shocking attrition, I was so disappointed by what I heard last night. I am sure I will be blasted by the deaf and blind faithful, but you know when you are on and when the band is off. Sound mix was BRUTAL. Perhaps it was the bass that crushed everything. Muddy as he'll and the Doobies were pristine, so not the venue. Have great admiration for Gary but he can barely play. It was sad to watch him wandering around like a clay pidgeon on stage playing rudimentary guitar parts a novice could play. He used to rip and he just can barely play. Also, when did Skynyrd recruit guitarists from Duran Duran? Jesus Johnny, can you picture Ed King or Gaines or Rossington flipping his pick into the crowd after every minor lead break than prancing back to get another pick to finish the song? What the heck is that? Sound was beat, bass player was crushing the mix (your sound guys listen during the show) and it was painful to watch Rossington struggling like a wax museum figure. The guy was too good to perform like that. Certainly there is no 3 guitar fire that made Skynyd so great. You, the fans, and the players that came before you deserve better. Take some time, get your people (some kick ass southern rockers in the Classic Skynyrd mold) take some time to gel, that go out and kick some ass. Last night was like a sad revival. The music is too great not to play it the way it was meant to be played. You were great, but there was nothing behind you. And I say this without malice as someone that has listened and played Skynyrd for 30+ years. Make the stage burn again like you and your brother used to.

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