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    In 1987 I was on my way to North Carolina in a Grey hound bus. We made a stop in this particular part sof Louisiana and we had to stop for a bout 2 hours. I walked to a park near the bus station where I decided to wait before I left in a couple of hours for NC. This particular band was introduced to play and in fact people where cheering on for them to start playing. I was pretty far away, I say about 25 feet back and I could not see them playing. People kept asking for them to play Free Bird and after a while they did and that is when it really got wild, It had to be lynyrd skynyrd. The guitar and all had to'd been them but I got too happy and never went to see if it was them. I was too darn happy just freeken listening to them play. I no longer drink but I do have the good memories of that night.Little Joe..........

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