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    @pickin and still grinnin: just wanted to say that i think its really cool that ur 17 and luv lynyrd skynrd its awsome most kids these days dont know what good music is if it slapped them in the face u keep rockin to this great southern rock band i always say it doesnt matter what other people think as long as ur doing what u luv and ur happy. god bless man and keep rockin to the good stuff!! u have to go to a show its unbeleivable ive been to atleast 10 and wouldve been to more but money isnt always there to go but im going to see them in april when they come to innsbrook in va havent seen them in a few years so im so excited i hope u get to go sometime i beleive u will luv it its soo cool when u get to see them live dont have words to describe it and the people that go to there shows r so cool too its awsome! well man keep rockin and ill be praying that u get to go c them live soon cause its sooo cool!!!
    god bless and take care,
    country grl

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