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    I was disappointed when you guys had to cancel the concert in Toledo,Ohio in 2010 yet I'm not surprised considering the young white misguided hip hop rap punks who try and dominate this town. I am proud to say that I seen the original band in all it's glory in 1974 at the Valentine theather downtown with my girlfriend and and crew of dedicated Skynyrd fans I rounded up to see you all. When the band hit the scene in 73 and 74 respectfully, Creedance Clearwater Revival was no longer America's #1 band. I had new hero's and it's from there on that only Jimi Hendrix and you guys were my main influences. What a roller coaster ride you gave America and I say that as a guitarist since I was 14 starting out in 1968. I have a video on You Tube of me playing Green Grass and High Tides from the great Outlaws band. I would be honored to have you hear it by typing in Big Mike Holliday on You Tube and checking it out. I'd like to do Freebird next and show my ability. I had the honor of talking to Ricky Medlocke in the early 1980's when he did a interview I believe from our radio station WIOT. Ricky told me he had a recording studio in Ann Arbor,Michigan. What a nice guy he is and I will always remember that conversation on the phone and the braggin rights that went with it when I told my muscian frinds. As for Gary, he will always be known for putting in the best slide guitar of any song when it comes to Freebird. Wishing a happy and healthy 2011 to you all from a long time fan. Long Live Lynyrd Skynyrd and many happy return to all .....from Big Mike Holliday

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