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    I am not here to knock todays music , BUT....There are few Bands today that are what we called back in the day "TOP BANDS" I know that if you listen to the New Country Sound you can hear the influnce of Ronnie and the Boys in the music. I noow just call the new music coming out of Nashville or Memphis "Country Rock" Listen to the Band Cross Canadian Ragweed, or Even Montgomery/Gentry they use that Dual Axes in their music,I know that most people will say the Allman Bros. were the band to start with the dual Axes and Double Drums,but Gary and Allen made Rock and Roll sound like it was always meant to be played that way! Billy if saw him back in the 70's you would have thought that he had been to the school of Jerry Lee Lewis, So when I look back at L.S. The Street Surviours Alumb was going to be a watershed moment for the band and Rock and Roll....... what a loss!!!

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