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    Hey guys,

    I took my son Josh to see you perform last night at the Az State Fair. My son is 29 and I 53. Before you all came on I was letting him know the last time I saw Skynyrd was in 1976 at the Long Beach Arena. Unfortunately for me, I was too far gone to enjoy one of my all time favorite bands. Well last night you all made me proud to be part of Skynyrd Nation. Van Zant is spot on when he says it's more than the money. It is bigger than that. For me last night was about being with my only son enjoying songs that had and continue to have an impact on my life and to hear my boy say "wow" dad, those guys are awesome I think says it all. Your dedication keeping Lynyrd Skynyrd alive is worth all the trials and struggles you all had to go through. Keep on rockin and speaking words of freedom. We need you more than ever.

    God bless each and every one you.

    Love your bro Joe

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