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    i've been a fan since 74 i was 12yrs old when i started listening to ya my fisrt album was lynyrd skynyrd ( lynryd skynyrd ) it's kind of funny how i got to become a fan i bought your record @ a yard sale for 50 cents i got it because the album had a cigarett pak with a skull & cross bones on it when i got home i tacked it up on my wall cause it looked cool it was on my wall for a month before i started listening to it one of my friends came over we was listening to red bone & my friend seen your album hanging on my wall he said have you played this record i said no & he said lets check it out so i played your record for the first time & man you guys are ace that's when i started buying your albums i just loved them but sad to say i never seen you in concert cause i didnt have enuff money or a ride i know you guys played in buffalo ny a few time's i was living in fort erie canada ont i had a falling out with my dad he kicked me out & through all my lynyrd skynyrd albums out busted all of them even your live lp one more from the road i'm 48yrs young now & i'm still a fan keep on rocking you are the best

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