You Got That Right - YouTube
July 09, 2012 9:45:03 PM UTC Post #1

I don't think you can really see anything as of now, but here's the link:

I know it would have been proper if I asked before posting, but I was too excited to wait! It's a trucking video, a time lapse, and the fast-paced action really fits with the song. I accredited you guys in the video as well as in the video description. I know it doesn't necessarily allow me to use your song without your permission.

Please consider giving me the permissions so I can share this neat video, with the help from your upbeat music!

Edit: You can get an idea of what I've posted before here

UMG rejected my dispute claim for the audio, to no surprise. If this video is going to be viewed anywhere besides Saint Martin and South Sudan, I'll need to get permission from you guys.

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