June 28, 2011 4:38:47 PM UTC Post #1

Dear Lynyerd Skynyrd

my dad has been a good father to me and i want to give him a gift that he will remimber for ever!... he has had every album that yall have came out with from the time your brother was the leed sanger to now.. he has stuck with yallls music for ever and i have grown up to yalls music...but about a mounth ago all his albums and all the albums i had have been stollen by family and sold at a market...it destroyd my dad and me and my mom cause all the albums was years of geting and some of the lynyerd skynyrd albums we had you cant find no more...and every since they been stollen he has been upset and down....and i just wish yall would help him be happy agian so please email me or call me my email and my number will be at the bottom of this letter......so please contact me when yall can it would make my dad very happy thats all i ask for...,

Jacob Flournoy

Email: jakeflournoy@yahoo.com

Cell: (864) 434-3415

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