Win before you can buy: tickets to Skynyrd / Bad Co. show in Gilford, NH
March 19, 2013 12:26:47 AM UTC Post #1

There are at least two radio stations giving away "Win 'em before you can buy 'em" tickets to the July 26th show at Meadowbrook in Gilford, NH.

WHEB (100.3 FM): listen to J.R. in the afternoon for your chance to win. Usually he plays "Backrockwards" around 5:10 pm ~ he'll play a clip of a tune in reverse and the first to call in with the correct artist and song title wins.
The phone # is (603) 431-7625.

104.9 The Hawk: Tune in during the Drive at 5 for Name that Tune. First person to get three correct answers will Win Before They Can Buy Tickets! All winners will qualify for a Pavillion Upgrade.
The Phone # is: 1-855-888-HAWK (4295)


March 20, 2013 12:37:50 AM UTC Post #1

Greg and the Morning Buzz is giving away great seats! Monday they gave away 5th row, today they gave away 4th row! Wednesday they have 3rd row and Thursday and Friday they'll give 2nd row and FRONT ROW TICKETS! Listen at 7:10 am. You'll have to play their silly games (if you're lucky enough to get through on the phone).

Greg and the Morning Buzz can be heard on Rock 101 FM WGIR in Manchester, The Rock Station, 100.3 FM WHEB in Portsmouth, The Hawk 104.9 in Meredith/Laconia, KOOL 93.9 in Lebanon, and KOOL 96.3 in Keene.
The Phone # is: 1-(888) 556-ROCK (7625)

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