will MCA ever release the whole 3 nights
December 15, 2011 9:30:36 PM UTC Post #1

just wondering with all the great bands DIGGING DEEP INTO THEIR VAULTS,PINK FLOYD AND THE ROLLING STONES,for example that are coming out with some KICK ASS!!!material and live stuff that was left off the original albums,how many of us in skynyrd nation would love to see released THE ENTIRE 3 NIGHTS OF THE CONCERTS FROM THE ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD ALBUM,we know they exist!!!!!i think it would be AWESOME TO HEAR ALL 3 NIGHTS!!!! MISTAKES AND ALL,and you know that there are live recordings from the early days when the boys were covering,THE YARDBIRDS,CREAM LED ZEPPELIN,FREE,just to name a few of their hero's.BREAKDOWN THE VAULT!!!!

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