Where's the lighting guy I met years ago from Kahoots Strip Club ( Columbus, Ohio) ???????? :)
January 19, 2013 5:03:47 PM UTC Post #1

Hey, it's Judy, don't know stripper name at the time, but I go by Phoenix now. I visited u years back at a concert near border of Ohio ( bought u beer and stuff)....well, had to get rid of your buisness card then (b/c of relationship reasons). Was just thinking of u today and thought WOW, mabe I can hit u up this way. I didn't want u to think I bounced early in the show b/c I needed to be somewhere........., but, well. Hope all is Great and hope to talk to u soon, if u still work for them. P.S. Tell the erst of the band I said hello. Thanks for letting me on your bus : )

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