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October 10, 2009 11:30:06 AM UTC Post #21

I know...I do have to sleep, eat, work, do other things too...but I post when I can...

So...I was workin' across from the Fox Theater and Jane was at school and worked part-time at the school. Life was good! The weekend is finally here...yeeha! Jane and I got all gussied up Friday night and headed to Underground Atlanta. What fun!!! We hit all the joints with live music, shops, got something to eat...this place was cool. We ended up at a place that had a Southern Rock band, got a table and drink and sat down to enjoy the music...they played Skynyrd, Allmans, Outlaws, 38, Blackfoot...all our favorites! When suddenly...out of no where this drunk grabbed the hat off my head! I was upset..."hey, what are you doing?" I said a few choice words too...but I'll refrain...Jane had got me that hat...I wanted it back...it was navy blue with beautiful ostrich feathers, white, black, pink, some purple...it was a favorite. Jane and I got up from the table and headed after this drunk...he was headed toward a backstage area...who was this guy? Seemed like he disappeared. Soon this guy walked up to us and asked us what was wrong. We told him what had just happened...he said..."well, lil' lady...I will get your hat back...I'll be right back." Mmm...sounded good to me but...never mind the but I just wanted my hat back

October 11, 2009 10:10:29 PM UTC Post #22

Enjoying your story very much, it brings back so many memories of the 70's for me.
We lived in a neighborhood near the Coliseum, and we had the "Band Patrol" we were in Jr. High , but had older bros. and sis's who were in charge of taking us to the concerts, all the concerts we went to , not just Skynyrd, we were to stay with them at the concert,,,Yeaaa right!!!,, we would get there and whoevers older brother or sis drove ,, said ok you guys get lost and be at the car at....and of course unless by accident,, the next time we saw them was after the concert..
Anyway, the Band Patrol would see where the band had played the night before, and where they were going, and we would try and figure out if they would be driving in that night or the next day. Being a medium size town, there weren't that many hotels that didn't fall into the category of ,, in the price range,, depending on the band,,near the Coliseum but yet near the interstate and so on..and before school we would drive around to see if the tour bus or equipment trucks had arrived. It wasn't that hard to spot the guys with the long hair back then,.. (pleaasseeee everyone grow their hair back lol,) if that wasn't successful, someone would say they had a doctor or dentist appt. and the older bro-sis would pick us up, ( ok,,,some of us even cut class), but they didn't call home back then like they do now...then go to the Coliseum until the roadies were setting up.If there was any trouble, which usually there wasn't ,,bands were so much more approachable then, we had made "Press Pass" that said we were writing for the school newspaper....and there were so many other things....WOW!!! what a blast...well keep going...

October 12, 2009 1:39:47 PM UTC Post #23

Yes...it was a Simple Life back then huh...I totally agree about guys growing their hair out...I have always loved hair...maybe because I have quite a bit myself...ha ha...anyway I have always been the mom to encourage my precious son to grow his hair out...he has thick hair like me but wears it short...lives in Florida...he says it's too hot for long hair...really? I lived in Florida for over 20 years and had lots of hair...just pulled it back or up if too hot...no problem. My boyfriends all had my length hair in hs or longer. My dad is ex-navy...he would roll his eyes at me when they came to the house...funny...my mom would say...leave 'em alone...it's only hair...cute! Maybe I'm still a hippie? I still like hair...oh well...Jesus had long hair and Samson and I'm sure a lot of those guys...I really can't picture a "Super Cuts" back then, can you? Anyway...those were the days...lots of fun...I'm hoping to have lots more of them too...rock on...


October 13, 2009 4:44:44 PM UTC Post #24

Before long here comes the guy with my hat! Yeah...he handed it to me and apologized...said it wouldn't happen again. His name was John, he was working the sound board for the band. We dropped the subject of the drunk and my hat...I was just glad to get it back. John offered to buy us each a drink and asked where we were from. We told him from up north...Jane was in school and I worked downtown. He told us the club would be closing soon and asked if we wanted to go to an "after hours" club with him and some friends. Jane and I told him we would be right back with our answer. We went to the ladies room and talked and reasoned...should we go with this guy...we don't know him...but he did rescue my hat...he seems nice enough...ahhh...we were new to town, what to do...well there was 2 of us but he was a big guy and who were his friends... man...oh man, we will not make it back to the boarding house anyway by curfew...should we go? After talking it out, our answer was a timid, yes...but we did ask where this place was, who else was going, who were they meeting...20 questions at least...he knew we were uneasy so he told us they were going to this club to meet up with a few of the Skynyrd boys who were in town recording...OMG...you are kidding?! Jane and I almost dropped dead...the mugs had probably arrived at the studio by now...wonder if they got them in one piece...did they like them or think they were dumb...oh, God what if Gary or Allen are at the club...man, now what? Jane and I were excited and scared at the same time...but we went with John and his buddies...they were good ole southern boys, really...we laughed, joked, cut-up all the way to the club...we did tell them that we had met the band before in the north but they assured us that they meet SOOO many people...don't be offended if they don't know you especially being in Atlanta now. We got to the club and got in line...I guess everybody goes here after hours, huh? We finally got inside...we were talking when all of a sudden...Leon appears..."Hey, ladies...I know these two ladies...they are 2 potters from MA. They made us some really cool coffee mugs...we got them the other day...yada..yada...Jane and I smiled and waved at Leon as he approached us and told security, whoever was there...we were all with him. John and his buddies smiling too...at least they knew...we really did know Leon. What a fun night we had! Leon took us over to some tables where a bunch of his friends were sitting...no Allen or Gary...but out of no where came Ronnie, kinda strolling along with a big ole' grin on his face...he was so adorable...I wanted to give him a big hug...he looked so huggable and cuddly and approachable...but I didn't...I just smiled back.

October 13, 2009 4:49:32 PM UTC Post #25

Did you miss curfew?

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 14, 2009 8:19:52 AM UTC Post #26

Oh yeah we did miss curfew but no worries...the after hours club stayed open until the early hours and we ended up going to one of Leon's friends apartments...they were a great bunch of guys...southern boys...mostly musicians...we had a blast! Come to find out John, knew Leons friends too...small world sometimes. John had a house on Rock n' Roll Ave. (made up name). One of his roomies was Barry Lee Harwood...awesome musician, writer, singer...he did lots of studio work with Skynyrd in the day...dobro, mandolin etc. and was a member of the Rossington-Collins Band after the crash...he and Dale sang together too...awesome guy and musician...we are still friends today. Barry Lee now lives back in Jax. FL. too...things come full circle I guess. And eventually, Jane and I ended up renting the apartment we had gone to that night. Leons friend was renting it but he needed to move back home for awhile...he had the apartment...fully furnished, a Jaguar...that needed repair and a sweet dog named, Scooter that he couldn't take home...so...Jane and I got a lovely apartment...no more curfews for us...ha ha...fully furnished, the dog who we adored and a bunch of new, cool, musician friends...life is SWEET...we continued working and Jane was doing well in school...we met lots of friends to hang with. John and I were good friends and kind of dated...nothing serious...but he had a Harley and I love to ride!

October 14, 2009 2:48:40 PM UTC Post #27

It's like reading a chapter a day......but sometimes you want to stay up late and finish the story! Keep going................

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 14, 2009 3:49:06 PM UTC Post #28

Loving your story, GG. Thanks for sharing.

Keep going....

I might go out to California might go down to Georgia, I don't know...

October 15, 2009 7:38:12 AM UTC Post #29

Oh...you ladies are kind...
So life was sweet at the apt. and on Rock n' Roll Ave. John and Barry had lots of musician friends...so we would all get together...the boys would play and jam and write and stay up for days, really...good stuff back in the day...and Jane and I would sing along at times, refill drinks, make snacks, help these cats with their (sometimes nasty) laundry...do guys not get it that clothes usually do better if separated by darks and whites? These boys...I said boys...were a masterpiece in progress...we did manage to help them with the sorting thing...geez...they would get all upset if their favorite tshirts got messed up...did they remember to sort?...black tshirts, when new, sometimes bleed on things boys...gotta love' em though...they were learning...slowly, but learning...ha ha...I taught my son at age 12 to sort and do his own laundry after hangin' with these guys...Noah even knows how to add fabric softner...he was a good student...ha ha...oh...there was a couple sweet dogs that hung at the house too...so Jane and I would walk and play with them too...Jesse was John's dog...she was a sweetie and Bear was Barry's dog...fun too!

October 15, 2009 9:02:18 AM UTC Post #30

LOL, NO I don't think alot of guys get the laundry thing. Asked mine to throw a load of jeans in one day, and for whatever reason, he felt he needed to add bleach! Oh geezzzz....

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