Whatever happened to Good 'ol Bob Burns?
October 19, 2010 1:28:00 PM UTC Post #1

Hey Everyone!
I hope that by asking this question I won't be outcast or be upsetting anyone but I really wonder where Bob Burns is today and what all he is doing?
When I was a young boy in 1978, I had the opportunity to meet him being he was aquainted with my step-father, Pat W.
He gave me an old Second Helping album and on the back he signed it for me...
"To David... Rock 'n Roll Forever.... May God Bless Always.... Bob Burns 1978".
This was stolen from me a few years later after i figured out really who Lynyrd Skynyrd was and I never saw that again. I have to say for a drummer, Ol Bob sure knew how to entertain on a piano, too.
While I cannot remember everything, I do recall him playing "FREEBIRD" quite beautifully for us on my Moms piano.
My memories of Bob were fond but short, as in the band, I realize his term was short as well, but I want to say, I hope they were as memorable for you as well.
So, To Bob Burns whereever you are today... Michael David Phillips salutes you and thanks you for the grand memory of good ol days long past!
Love, Light and Peace to you all!!! Michael

October 20, 2010 3:04:14 AM UTC Post #1

Bob's up in north Georgia doing (can't remember the breed) dog rescues. Still doing a bit of drumming as well.

What you do for yourself dies with you, but what you do for others can live on forever.

September 23, 2012 5:36:37 AM UTC Post #2

i met bob in pomona ca.he came with a mutual friend to my rescue when ppl were hasseling me at my trailer where i was living.nice guy..ive wondered how hes doing these days...nancy

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