What pickups did allen Collins use? And what pickups does rickey medlocke use?
June 16, 2010 12:27:36 AM UTC Post #1

I know they both played explorers and firebirds and the occasional les paul. I am the proud owner of an epiphone 1958 korina explorerand in an attempt to make it more authentic,i want to get the allen collins trem bar for it which is no problem. The other part of it is the pickups.

Does anyone know what pickups either of the 2 used/ uses?
Are they stock gibson pickups?

Thanks guys, for any help you can give to this addicted teenage skynyrd fan

July 09, 2010 4:18:38 AM UTC Post #1

Hey man, I know you asked this question a while ago, but i'll answer anyway. I'm pretty sure the pickups Ricky Medlocke uses are Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH-55 pickups. At leasat I think these are in his Explorer. Not sure bout the firebird. These pickups are fantastic. They are PAF based pickups and sound very smooth and warm. I have em in my 2006 Gibson Les Paul Classic and they're fantastic. I can get amazing Skynyrd and Blackfoot tones out of these pickups. Good Luck and hope this helps

July 09, 2010 1:01:52 PM UTC Post #2

All in all the vintage gibsons and les pauls use these types if there using stock pickups not sure on all of collins guitars Rossingtons are origenal type and im assuming medlockes as well excpecially on his vintage pauls and probly reissued ones on some of his others or i think there called p 90s or something
but the stratocaster player i got no clue his could be stock or close to it with a lil more wraps or something im no expert by no means .

All i can say is the sound rossington gets out of his guitar stands out like a mountain in a desert hooooorah
10-4 over outs ................

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!

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