What happened...?
June 03, 2012 4:25:46 AM UTC Post #1

I remember sitting on the steps of my elementary school in one morning in '77(I was in 6th grade) when I heard about the plane crash that ended my favorite band. Fast forward to '84 and i was asking a friend how interesting it would have been if RVZ had not died and had continued on his southern zen like path. Later heard about reunions and did not pay much attention, as it seemed like a cash grab sideshow. But came to this site and realize that people actually believe that this is Skynyrd? With only one original member? Yeah, little brother is there but if I was the mouthpiece/conscience and my actual brother tried to take my place, I would not be down with that because he ain't me and if my words were as important and sage like as RVZ's then I'd have an issue my brother taking that podium... and JVZ ain't RVZ, at least as far as the lyrics. Ronnie was a visionary, little brother is nothing more than a typical knee jerk reactionary right winger... maybe Ronnie would have become that, who can say, but that is far from what he was.

This stuff just seems to be perverting the band that recorded the first 5, and only 5(well 6, counting the live lp) Lynyrd Skynyrd lp's... yes, I still listen to the actual vinyl lp's.

I just do not understand... it is not Lynyrd Skynyrd to me

June 03, 2012 6:30:03 AM UTC Post #1

Then WTF are you doing here?

I see the problem, your a liberal.
I could see that in the choice of buzz words you used.

I'm Back You Bastards!

June 03, 2012 12:07:58 PM UTC Post #2

Is this "bash Lynyrd Skynyrd" Month ??
it sure does seem like it Roadfatigue !!

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

June 03, 2012 1:02:45 PM UTC Post #3

Johnny Van Zant - vocals,
Gary Rossington - guitar,
Ed King - guitar,
Randall Hall - guitar,
Leon Wilkeson - bass,
Billy Powell - keyboard / piano,
Artimus Pyle - drums & percussion,
Kurt Custer - drums.

this was the line up on the album they put out in 1991 which was produced by Tom Dowd.

.....are you backed up yet?

I suppose you didn't like the Rossington Collins Band either, or did you even know about them?

also First and Last was all recorded before the crash, as was the other Muscle Shoals recordings from the early 70s which were released after the crash, (don't miss these they are awesome)

June 03, 2012 3:04:53 PM UTC Post #4

@ to the guy who posted something negative about a TRIBUTE band...(since removed)

I challange you to name a band (other than ZZ TOP)

.......that is still intact with all original members,

.......still recording and touring constantly,

.......and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

.......AFTER 40 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet you can't..................


Looking for the next SUMMIT............

June 03, 2012 3:34:24 PM UTC Post #5

I agree....wat happened to some of tha so called Skynyrd fans since tha plane crash...........I like most Skynyrd fans was broken hearted in 77, Not only did I lose my favorite band but I also lost a frynd(those of you who have been here awhile know wat I am sayin) I nearly shit my pants when I heard the remaining survivers were reforming as tha Rossington, Collins Band, and hAD THA PRIVALEDGE of seein em a coupla tymes, But when I heard Skynyrd was reforming I hit tha roof. And when I heard em for tha first tyme..I said to myself........ Now thats my old Skynyrd!! NOT only tha music but wat it was sayin............. And now MANY years later......We have lost some more of tha orignal members, BUT they have been replaced with players who have that southern state of mind that WE all have,and have grown up loving and living tha Skynyrd legacy. Now I will admit that Johnny wasnt up to par as a singer BACK THEN , but he has grown to be a hell of a singer...... and I think Ronnie is lookin down and sayin give em hell, Bro. AND if you were such a Skynyrd fan...... ya would know that Rickey is an orignal member too!! SO.... do some homework before ya come on here bashin tha boys!!

Have a rockin day and try ta cheer up.......................................rusty


June 03, 2012 6:19:08 PM UTC Post #6

Its like the sewer line backs up every once in a while here.

Anytime there is news about the band these bottom feeders show up.
I'd expect we'll be seeing this a bit more from now until August when the new CD is released.
I suggest a pair of waterproof boots, steel toed is optional.

I'm Back You Bastards!

June 03, 2012 7:19:39 PM UTC Post #7

Choice fan, your politics are showing. oops.

As a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan since the early 70's I concur with what my comrades have already stated.

As a footnote I’ve seen this band over 50 times live… in a wide range of lineups and at assorted venues. Compared with some on this board that’s nothing. Each musician has solid attributes, that add to the bands dimension.

Ronnie had vision and we always remember him, but as Rusty said, we believe that he is looking down from above saying keep rocking little brother you, and the band are doing one heck of a damn job.

NO other band compares to the Skynyrd of the 70’s or of 2012.
Quit yer bitchin’.

June 03, 2012 7:34:48 PM UTC Post #8

Man sure am going to miss yall. posted that I was going of the radar but got a few days left, thought I'd put my two cents in on this subject. Lost mom a year ago last Mar. 16th am I going to stop doing all the things she loved and taught me to do. Hell no I got to carrie on the legacy and pass it on to the next generation its what we do where I come from. Since the crash sounds like thats what the boys have tried to do and it makes me proud every time I buy a new album hoping this anit the last one. By the why choicefan whats your resume ? Your friend in southern rock Leonard_50

June 03, 2012 8:27:23 PM UTC Post #9

Leonard-50sorry about your mom. I lost mine a year ago April 29.
They say you shouldn't make major decisions or major changes in your life if at all possible in the 1st year while grieving a big loss because you may regret your decisions after time has healed your wounds a bit. A lot of grieving spouses stand at grave sites and swear they will never marry again and at that time the idea of remarriage truly is unthinkable. But time passes and things change and what once was unthinkable seems desirable. So that's why you shouldn't make big vows while grieving. And it is also why we shouldn't be so surprised when vows and agreements made at a time of great emotional, physical, and mental stress are later changed or even dropped entirely.
Does that part about "agreements made while grieving" ring any bells with Skynyrd fans?

June 04, 2012 7:10:57 AM UTC Post #10

I remember seeing the Tribute Tour in 1988 at Red Rocks in Colorado. This was my first concert as I began to listen to Skynyrd in the late 70's at about age 12. As I listened to every song being played the excitement and awe increased until it blew up for the Freebird encore! Would I have liked to see RVZ and all the originalls there that day? Yes, but I wasnt complaining and never have since.
Personally I would not be disappointed if they toured and the bulk of the songs they played were from "Vicious Cycle" and "God and Guns." This is not disrespecting the older material (which is the best stuff in all of rock-n-roll) but simply a recognition that the band as it is is putting out great material in the vein of the original line up, esp GNG.

Mama told me....when I was young....

Mama told me... when I was young...

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