Wedding Gift
January 27, 2011 6:49:00 PM UTC Post #1

Ok, I have looked on my Fanclub page and also Facebook and can not find a place to just write a simple e-mail to whomever handles things. I and my soon to be husband have been long time fans of the Band, he has been to numerous concerts over the last 30 years, my very first one was 2010 at DTE in Michigan, I can not express how this experience moved me, the situation is this, we are getting married July 9th, 2011 and for our Honeymoon/Wedding Gift to ourselves all we want is to travel to wherever you guys are going to be playing and have a meet and greet. We will both be 50 years old when we get married and this Band has so much meaning to both of us that we can think of nothing that would mean more to us than this opportunity. This may be a dream but if you never go for it how will you know if it can come true.

Thank you


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