VH1 Top 100 greatest artists of all time outrage!
September 16, 2010 12:10:33 AM UTC Post #21

There isnt a greatest of all Its what you think of any particular band you raise the volume to what youre ears like right ?

Whatever anyone else says really dont matter its what you like!

As far as youre feeling of lynyrd skynyrd being jipped off becouse a TV show had a survey yeah it makes ya wonder who they surveyed ?but maybe there is that many different folks different strokes and bands out there nowadays? BUT it dont matter i think the music speaks for itself !!!!
PEOPLE KNOW and LOVE LYNYRD SKYNYRD and there songs are played just as much on the radio as Led Zeppelin or the Who or Rolling Stones Deep Purple ect ect ect

And at least they were placed or brought up on there
What did Alvin Lee Ten Years after place? Alvin Lee Ten years after band was the tightest Live band who loved making music and made some of the greatest music ever with PURE FROM THE SOUL musical heart MUsic much like Lynyrd skynyrd
and they had the Best rock n Roll guitarist to come from the 60s era Avin Lee
Alvin Lee gets virtually no recognition but that guy could play with emotion same with the rest in that band and As a guitarist he could play circles around hendrix beck page or clapton live show or recording studio ? Wether it was the blues or fast scales or just rock .
Alvin Lee was the true first rock arena outdoor festival recording studio kicking booty guitar player
the guy by himself could sit with a guitar and amp and microphone and rock a arena or street of people better than a whole band of nashville country veteran bands or upncomers or rapper or scream crappers could ever dream to .
And he was probly not even included in that 100 but hendrix was number one or two if i remember right?

yaknow what a VH1 or local radio or group of people hanging out around bonfire you could ask them whats the best pizza and or football team and get strange awnsers
Lynyrd Skynyrd has song music that makes its own fuel and runs on its own energy they got songs on a eternal ride that wont brakedown or stop ever !! invinceable powered songs.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!

September 17, 2010 1:38:22 AM UTC Post #22

@skynyrdmandy14: Have you done any history finding facts on Skynyrd yet? did you know that Ronnie was going to step down as lead singer for Skynyrd? He had some problems with his vocal cords and was going to step down and become manager of the Band. Being low on the poll really doesn't matter much; The fans and the people know who is the real leader of the music. But check this, if you really want to know the Skynyrd Band, try writing to them and ask Gary Rossington what it feels like to have all this and the pressures of the music industry being the last person alive to carry the "burden" of what I call, God has something planned for you concerning the band and we're not done yet. So don't beat yourself up over some stupid poll from some VH-1 crap o.k.?

September 18, 2010 11:41:11 PM UTC Post #23

=ls-skynyrdrocks88 said:It might be due to the fact that skynyrd had such a short career. Just think of what could have been. In just 4 short years they brought us all those classics. Had the plane not went down, I believe they would have made top 5 easy. But then again, it's VH1.

Yeah, cut off in their prime...I think a similar comment applies to Buddy Holly, also such a crash victim.
By analogy, what would people think of The Beatles if they had disappeared before Revolver? (By the way, them and Zeppelin are about the only two I'd consider putting above Skynyrd; VH1 having them at #1 and #4 makes sense.)

@FreeBuzzFreshAir : Who at #13, Stones at #5, Deep Purple unrated

Nevertheless, we know better and that's the point. (My sig refers to this)

The list - http://stereogum.com/495331/vh1-100-greatest-artists-of-all-time/list/

Thanks for the tip, Paul - Skynyrd is one of the most underrated classic rock bands. We in Skynyrd Nation know better.

What rock lost in 10/77 was no less than what it lost in 2/59.

“Some people said he was useless – them people are the fools."

September 24, 2010 3:54:00 AM UTC Post #24

Toy ,,Willy ,Kris , Gary soloing sweet home owlabammy


Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!

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