April 14, 2010 4:06:41 AM UTC Post #1

Once I let my membership lapse by mistake, so this is my 2nd time. I see where it says you get a tshirt for being a member of the fan club. I have never gotten one. Am I not doing something I'm supposed to? I see them every time they come to Houston, and I'm glad to know they'll be the last act this time. Freebird was made to be experienced in the dark. I also saw them in Galveston at the Harley Rally last year. I'm glad they're not with Kid Rock. I don't really want this published, I just want an answer. I wish you all listed some email address or phone number or something where a question could be asked. I don't even know where you may answer this, but I guess I'll just keep looking under different stuff. I guess I'm too old- I at least like the semi-human touch on a computer.

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