Track By Track 2 - "Southern Ways" and "Little Thing Called You"

Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke take you through the new studio album God & Guns, track by track. In this episode, see what the boys have to say about "Southern Ways" and "Little Thing Called You."

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kayce64 // October 06, 2009 6:45:45 PM UTC

i love the new cd,it makes me think of all the time i've lisened to skynyrd and believe me i'm a longtime fan. and in your song southernways it really hit home,remembering all of the music skynyrd wrote there,i have the freebird movie, and all of the skynyrd cd's. like you say it's a skynyrd naion.


midnightrider // October 05, 2009 11:03:06 PM UTC

@newbridgeboy: you said that right,i'm right here in florida where the southern roots are,and i must agree with you,good family values respect,away to raise a family,futher south the better,like swamp land,these guys do care about all that,thats what makes this a great inspiration to us all the one and only LYNYRD SKYNYRD,that truly cares about there family and there fans,so heres to the souithern ways


newbridgeboy // September 27, 2009 4:39:45 PM UTC

Southern ways are good ways to respectfully bring up your family, take care of one another and have fun not at other peoples expense - to me Lynyrd Skynyrd represent good honest music by guys who care about their roots and community.

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