Tour with Bret Michaels
May 11, 2010 11:56:42 AM UTC Post #1

According to what I have read Bret is going to resume touring on April 26th. Has anyone else had heard anything. I heard he making good progress in his recovery. I'm a stricly a Skynyrd fan but I also like it when the boys hook up with another a big name. Nothing like a packed house when Skynyrd hits the stage. If Bret is not ready to go by the first show with Skynyrd June 10th I'm curious if their will be another band included in the show. Just wondering if there is any news I am unaware of.

May 11, 2010 6:38:15 PM UTC Post #1

From what I have read, Bret is planning on resuming his tour on May 26th and plans on touring this summer with Skynyrd. Apparently, he is making a remarkable recovery.

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