Tour suggestion
January 12, 2010 11:46:33 AM UTC Post #1

hey you guys i don't think you guys ever made the trip up to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada before. so i invite you to either play a show at our arena or play a crazy huge sow at the guys are my favorite band and you would sell out here in a instant. Winnipeg is know for selling out crowds the quickest. at the MTS center (our arena)Elton John sold 15000 tickets to a sell out show in 3 min and added a second show and sold that out too.and The Eagles sold out the arena in under 16, for floor at the eagles it was 239.00$ and Elton the whole place was sold at 145.00$, now if you guys came it would be a crazy fast sell out, us Winnipeggers love your music and if you come you will not be disappointing well i hope you will take a Canada tour into consideration. thanks again
your friend Erik


January 28, 2010 6:57:55 PM UTC Post #1

Check Pollstar...Skynyrd R Doing some Canuck Dates this Summer!

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