To young to attend
May 24, 2010 11:00:00 PM UTC Post #1

So very unhappy, would love to come to concert at harrah's outside event, How can you book a concert that everybody would love to see and hold it outside and put an age limit? IT'S OUTSIDE!!! What a sad sad thing for Harrah's to do. Ok SKYNYRD'S have a concert at Evansville, better yet at Paducah @ the Carson's center where people of all ages can attend,without gambling, you would have more people to attend including myself and my 10 year old son, which is very upset because he can't see his favorite group or his very first concert and the 2 other bands that are going to be with you. Please see if you can't fit Paducah,Ky in somehow. We have places that you can come and would enjoy alot better than Harrah's, I can promise you that!

alibabygirl and Tman

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