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August 14, 2010 8:14:03 AM UTC Post #1

Going to be driving thru Jacksonville later on today. I always get a knot in the old tummy when I go thru there. I always stop by Ronnie's new resting place and tip my hat and leave a coin or two on the headstone. I always get a tear in my eye standing there thinking about what could have been. I've never found Allen's and Leon's grave, I understand they are in the same graveyard. I haven't been to Ronnie's old grave in a few years, but when I drive by the exit I always tip my cap. I had hoped to go and visit Billy's grave today, but I read that he was cremated so I guess I will just keep him my thoughts today. I will be playing my Skynyrd loud and proud all the way down from NC today, but over the years I have always done something special once I get to the airport there on 295. I put OMFTR on and I listen to Tuesday's Gone all the while I'm driving thru Jax. I was lucky enough to see the original boys twice and that is my all time favorite song. I have seen the current band around 15 or 20 times now and I love seeing them play, but the original band, now that was a hell of a show. Don't know how many more visits I'll get to make down to Jax to pay my respects, but I always cherish the few minutes I get to spend there. When I would go to a show I would always listen to that Billy play. I sure do miss the ones that are gone, especially Billy. Sorry for rambling on, but I'm just a old man now remembering in my opinion what was the greatest rock and roll band of all time. I know to some people it might sound weird going by the graves, but for me, its just my way of saying thank you for over 30 years of enjoyment!


August 14, 2010 6:27:27 PM UTC Post #1

@ Gus ....tip your hat for me as well....to me there isnt nothing wrong with that...just paying respects to our free birds....to the nation, stay frosty

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