September 01, 2010 8:10:00 PM UTC Post #1

I just wanted to post that there's a great "SKYNYRD FRIENDLY" place that we all as members of the GREAT SKYNYRD NATION need to put on each of our "bucket lists" to go and visit, and thats, our brother Wickey's.......... "SIMPLE MAN SALOON"! ........VISIT THEIR WEBSITE: @ AND OCT 30TH, our Skynyrd Nation Frynd "CAT IN THE HAT" AND SOUTHERN BREEZE WILL BE PLAYIN' PER NUMEROUS REQUESTS SINCE THE SALOONS OPENING 5/28/10 PERFORMANCE BY 'EM! I SAY WE GET ER' DUN AND GET THERE! KEEP THE FAITH!



September 02, 2010 2:51:56 AM UTC Post #1

Wow Kool

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!
September 02, 2010 5:29:54 PM UTC Post #2

October 30th should be the Skynyrd Nation's 1st New England Summit.

We got H_7, comin' down from North of the border.. I'm going along with I think Swampfox we'll be there.

Plus we have our good Frynd JoeZ & Southern Breeze providing the entertainment.

And how can we forget the owner and member of Skynyrd Nation Wickey (Jon).

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

September 03, 2010 10:04:30 PM UTC Post #3

I can't wait until Halloween weekend. The music of Southern Breeze along with the chance to hang out with Medway, Swamp Fox and Mr. & Mrs. H7 will make for a great night. Who knows, maybe our own Tom Soares will make a guest appearance that evening. Don't worry McSkynyrd, we'll get you and Deb up here one of these days as well. It sounds like Mr. & Mrs. Joe Z. would love some company for a few days.

Back in 2003 (I believe) I saw Skynyrd on October 30th in Little Rock and then again the next night in Bossier City, Louisiana. Being Halloween weekend, they had someone dressed up in a skeleton's costume. During Freebird, this person came out and ran/danced around the stage. I found it to be fairly entertaining. Depending upon how much alcohol is consumed this coming Halloween weekend, we just may be able to convince Medway to don a skeleton costume for the Southern Breeze Freebird finale. If that happens, you can be certain that there will some pics taken and shared.

Thanks again to all of you that have shown your support for The Simple Man Saloon. I wish everyone a very pleasant and safe Labor Day weekend.


September 03, 2010 11:48:15 PM UTC Post #4

Maybe Tom will show up in a gerbil costume......Then again, maybe not!

September 04, 2010 1:04:41 AM UTC Post #5

@medwaysimpleman: AGREED MEDWAY! ............ SO LET IT BE SAID............ SO LET IT BE DECREED.......... THAT GREAT SKYNYRD NATION GAVEL IS A .............. RAISE'D............... &................... SLAM'D! ...............KEEP THE FAITH MY BROTHER!


September 04, 2010 1:30:08 AM UTC Post #6

@Wickey: i can hardly wait till me & that "Imaginary Lady" make it there................... and you'd have to join us at the Z's......... from what Jan says, theirs plenty of room out in their "dog house" for the 3 of us! LMAO! what an offer ay? Mrs Z just bust's my buttons! Great Great Folk! TUYN IT UP! and always Keep the Faith Bro!


September 04, 2010 1:31:51 AM UTC Post #7

@jam56: now that would be a hell of a pic J56! ............. a priceless moment! knowing ole Tom, he'd come as the "invisible man'! ROF!


September 06, 2010 1:33:52 PM UTC Post #8

Having been at the " Simpleman Saloon" opening in MAY of this year,i personally can attest to the power of what we have here......SKYNYRD NATION. The atmosphere of that Saloon on that night was of your typical rockin good tyme smaller town type Kinda place..!!!!!!.Not that the Comcast center show with Skynyrd was bad..far from it...but the interaction with other Nation members was alot harder....which adds ,for me,to the overall enjoyment when going to such a place as the " Simpleman Saloon"..AKA SKYNRD Headquarters for New England.!! yup we voted on it!
So if you missed the,MAY 2010 Show.....put this Date on your Calendar OCTOBET 30th 2010....
the more the merrier....theres always room on the street for the overflow expected.....and be sure to ask about the....
"Rubbing elbows with the Stars section" a true Skynyrd Nation Favorite.....
I'm looking Forward to rejoining my Fellow Nation members and their Familes at this.." What I know is going to become ANNUAL Event".
Happy Trails Ya'll

Swamp Fox

September 06, 2010 3:19:11 PM UTC Post #9

You guys are nuts...

But for the sake of the Nation and the spirit of Halloween & during Freebird and JoeZ pluckin' away at tha bass. If you got it I'll wear it....

And remember this extends to ALL memebers past and present of Skynyrd Nation... So Simpleman72, sweet mama, and our good Frynd from across the pond Jack. Come on down and check it out...

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

September 08, 2010 1:28:25 PM UTC Post #10

God how I love the citizens of Skynyrd Nation ! Can't wait to see the New England chapter members of the Nation again this year and hopefully some new ones also !!!

I am so looking forward to be back with SB to play at the Simpleman Saloon on October 30th. There Ain't Nothyn like a Skynyrd crowd and brothers and sisters, thanks to Wickey we have a place in New England where we all can gather!

Picked up a few more props over the year to enhance the memory of Brother Leon ( hints... If you watch the LS Lyve at the Fox Theatre DVD and the Austin City Limits DVD I found a couple things to bring back the memory of Leon on stage)

Looking forward to Halloween and keepyn the spirit alyve !!!!! See you all sooooon !!

~ cat'n the hat

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

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