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August 27, 2012 4:00:12 PM UTC Post #1

To the best band in the world,
I just got done listening to your new CD, Last of a Dyin Breed. I just wanted to thank you for this special CD. The reason I say special, is because it is the BEST music that you have put out in a long time! This CD/Album is one of your greatest pieces of work since the old days of the band. It had me dancing from the first note that I heard and crying at the last note. It brings me back to the days when this band was in its prime. Its like you guys channeled the old and former members music and put it on this CD. I know that you guys put a lot of heart and work into this music because it shines through the music and the lyrics like no other music you have put out in a long time. I am a OK bass player, not great and not terrible, and I have been a big fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd since the first time I heard your music in th 70`s. The way these songs flow on this CD/Album is perfect, in my opinion. Starts out with a bang and ends with heart. Not one song on here sounds like the others on here and the lyrics seem to be the perfect fit. I have always tried to learn the music that you guys put out because it makes my feet move and my heart jump. This CD/Album grabbed me right from the start and held me untill the last song! Each song is great in its own way. Its been a long time since I listened to a CD/Album that made me as excited to learn as this one. The new members of this band have done a great job of keeping the unique sound of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band alive and my hats off to them.
You guys and your crew of technicians have done a great job of putting this music together on this CD/Album and it shows. I am telling everyone that I know to get this music and listen to the great sound that you guys have put out. My wife has posted it on the facebook site and I am telling all my friends to get this CD/Album and see for themselves how good it is. I have never written a band a letter, but I just felt like I had to let you guys know how great this CD/Album is, in my opinion! Thank you for bringing me back to the unique sound of the GREAT Lynyrd Skynyrd music that I have always loved and tried to emulate! You guys ROCK ! You are truly the best band around!

See you on the tour as soon as I can,
A huge fan Mr. Chris Watts.

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