Sunday Oct.13,13
October 20, 2013 12:59:33 PM UTC Post #1

I am sitting in the hospital with my Husband of 2weeks feeling sad. I wanted to share with fellow fans cause we need prayers. On our way to the show on Sun 10-13, newly married& super excited to see Lynaryd Skynyrd so close to home.My husband, jon was hit by a hit and run driver we still have not found.It was 6:45pm Sunday about 1000 ft from the show. We parked& were meeting up with friends. We were really looking forward to the show.A truck stopped @ a red lite floored it a clipped my husband in the hip as we were stepping onto the side walk. The truck kept driving. It was dusk so i was unable to clearly see the plate. Needless to say we never made it to the show. I heard it was GREAT!! To date my husband has had 2 surgerys. He has a crushed pelvic bone, crushed elbow bone, 2 cracked vertabrea& 3cracked ribs etc. I wish we could have enjoyed our vip seats to see a great band perform . Please pray for Jon. Please pray we find the driver that hit him.

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