Skynyrd Rocks
February 28, 2011 10:50:43 PM UTC Post #1

Oh I so Happy I just finally got the God + Guns CD.... If you haven't hear it you should.. Skynyrd Rock's. I just had to say it. One day I will get to see Skynyrd.. Hope before I die... If not I will meet them in Heaven..

March 05, 2011 1:48:47 AM UTC Post #1

=Sheri Freeman said: Oh I so Happy I just finally got the God + Guns CD.... If you haven't hear it you should.. Skynyrd Rock's. I just had to say it. One day I will get to see Skynyrd.. Hope before I die... If not I will meet them in Heaven..

Sheri - if you like G&G you should check out Vicious Cycle if you haven't already. It kicks arse like G&G does. Have you been to a show yet?

March 09, 2011 9:08:16 PM UTC Post #2

No I haven't had the Honor to go to one of there show's yet.. Sad, They don't come close to where I'm at.. But in Aug I might drive 3 hr's to see them. I haven checked out that CD but I will Thank you so much for telling me about it.. Have you went to there show's? I know a band that open for them we use to work for the band.. Name of the band is Ayntellyn. They are awesome.. They also did a sone Mississippi Kid for Ean Evens that has past.. Take care and Thank's again..

March 09, 2011 9:31:52 PM UTC Post #3

@ Rickey... Thank you just got it Vicious Cycle.. It's Awesome Love it.. Thank you for the info..Just made my day better...Sheri

March 09, 2011 9:34:12 PM UTC Post #4

@Loco4Rickey: Thank's.. Vicious cycle is awesome. I never can get enough Skynyrd!!!.. Really hope to make the show in Aug. Sheri

March 10, 2011 12:53:44 AM UTC Post #5

@Sheri Freeman: Sheri - which show?

March 10, 2011 2:43:11 PM UTC Post #6

@Loco4Rickey: How many show's have you been too? I really hope I can go in Aug. But Ticket's aren't on sale yet and where I'm at wish they would come closer..When you in the Country and the only major city is either hr/half or where Skynyrd will be in Aug is like 3/ Hr's away.. Have you ever got the meet & Greet pkg? Sheri

March 10, 2011 9:49:19 PM UTC Post #7

@Sheri Freeman: Sheri - I'm a relative newbie here, coming up on my 1st anniversary as a member soon so I've only been to 2 so far - but 2 in 5 months!! One last summer and then the NYE show in CT. I'm thrilled to say I'll be going to back-to-back concerts this Summer. I scored 2 tickets to the 8/26 NH and 8/27 VT shows. Looks like there will be a bunch of us gathering for a few "summits". I'm just hoping now they don't announce that they will be at the NYS Fair (same time as the other concerts) as I'll still be on the road in New England on vacation and miss it.

I was able to get the tickets from the fan club pre-sale. I sat on my pc waiting for the clock to tick to 12:00 noon and hit "buy" as soon as it did!! I did the same for my first 2 shows. I haven't done the meet & greet, haven't seen them come up yet. I did do the VIP package for my first show. Haven't seen those since they (not L/S, but the promotors) had such problems w/them. I'm sure if you look back at the threads, you'll see what all was said. It wasn't pretty. Has anyone else gone to a meet & greet? Do they do them any more???? Well, other than the Simpleman Cruise that is.

As for living in the country and driving to a show- I hear ya'. We all do! I live in N. New York about 25 minutes from the Canadian border and everything from here is a drive. 5 hour drive for my first show, 6 for the 2nd and it'll be 6 for the summer ones too. The band is worth it though and damn it's always been a beautiful drive!! We have plenty of folks who fly long distances for shows too - right LS-Sbronson!!!!

Good luck getting tickets!! Let us know if you do score any and we'll all hook up!

By the way, glad you got the VC album. It's my favorite and I have it cranked up all the time!


March 11, 2011 3:32:47 AM UTC Post #8

@Sheri Freeman: I hope you get to see them live. Last year was my first Skynyrd show, traveled from Nashville to New Jersey to do it, but it was an awesome show. :)

I am hoping to see them again this year. Just waiting for a date or a few close to me or Philly/New Jersey in the spring or fall...can't do much travelling over the summer this year. Our 7 year old dog was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and requires insulin, so it'll be hard to get someone to watch him and be able to give him medicine.

One way or way or another I am hoping to see Skynyrd live again. It is worth the travel - they are fun to watch live. :)
March 11, 2011 9:20:07 PM UTC Post #9

@Loco4Rickey: Well The band we use to do sound & lighting for but we don't work with them anymore sice we moved to the south. They have warmed up for so many band's I can't keep track. They warmed up for Skynyrd The band's name is 'Ayntellyn' the did a song Mississippi Kid for the Late Ean Evan's. the song is awesome. well they are too. But Glad you got to see the 2 show's and have ticket's again also. I keep checking to see when the ticket's are going on sale so I will drive the 3 plus hr's to see them. Yes I Jam to the Vicious Cycle CD. It's awesome... Really enjoy it. Where I live there is some Rock n Rollers but mostly country crap music. People ask me don't you ever get tired of Skynyrd? NOPE I don't there is a song that will take you back to a certian place in time evertime you Listen to them.. I'm really happy you have got the chance to see them and going again. Maybe I'll be that lucky also. And for the meet & Greet I think they still do it when Ayntellyn was warming up for them plus they have warmed up for a ton of top band's. I believe one of my friend's in the band said they still did the meet & Greet cuz I've been trying to get one of them that is in the band that is real good friend's with Johnny van zant to warm up for them so I know I would have a shot of getting back stage... Well that's for answering me really enjoy talking to another Skynyrd fan. and really happy for you too... Rock on and if I don't get to see them for some reason Just yell a little louder for me ok... Sheri...

March 11, 2011 9:29:04 PM UTC Post #10

@ CrissyPie I'm really sorry to hear about your 7 yr old dog. That's I have 8 dog's 3 outside cat's & a horse. So yea your talking to another animal lover here and I know it's hard to travel too. I'm really trying to get to see them. I bet it was a awesome show.. Glad you got to see them. I might be able to in Aug.. It will be a 3 plus hr drive to get there. but I know it would be worth it... I hope you Doggie will be ok too.. Thank's CrissyPie... Sheri Rock on!

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