skynyrd raliegh,nc
August 08, 2012 5:12:27 PM UTC Post #1

seen skynyrd in raliegh,nc...blew allman brothers off the stage..something was really wrong with the brothers played short sloppy set....skynyrd was just awesome..saved the night

August 09, 2012 3:14:25 AM UTC Post #1

I thought Skynyrd rocked it out Southern style in Raleigh. My wife and I had skipped dinner before the show so we left right after Skynyrd to go get something to eat. A guy I work with told me later that he stayed and said that he wasn't impressed with the Allman Bros either. So I'm glad we didn't stick around.

August 11, 2012 4:47:13 PM UTC Post #2

I really dont understand why they tour with tha ABB, Differnt kinda music alltogrther!!!............ saw them once at Sturgis and George Througood did tha same Blew em off tha stage. ABB is great if ya need a NAP...................rusty


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