Skynyrd MGM Grand Foxwoods Concert Review
February 22, 2012 2:10:58 AM UTC Post #1

Lynyrd Skynyrd does not dissapoint. The Conneticut Faithful are all standing during the entire concert. It does not take a genius to say well its only 5 rows from the stage. The entire second section was standing the whole show and thats because Lynyrd Skynyrd is a well tuned music machine. Their 3 Lead Guitars led by Gary Rossington, Rickey Medlocke and Sparky Matejka were sharper than a butchers meat cleaver. The Bass, Robert Kearns and the drums played by a Damn Yankee, Mr Michael Cartellone kept perfect rythym all night long. Peter Keys on Keyboard plays in a style that we all love, the Billy Powell style. Did I forget to mention that Robert Kearns at times looks like a young Leon Russell Wilkeson. The Angels, Dale Krantz Rossington and Carol Chase I guess the best way to describe them is Natural Beauty and SWEET HARMONY. That leaves us with the Leader of the Band, Skitch Hendersen, NO they don't make em any better than a Van Zant as in Johnnie. He could be a Leader anywhere in life that he wanted to be but he chose or it chose him to keep Lynyrd Skynyrds Music ALIVE. You want a good nite out go have a dinner at a NICE Restaurant, you want a GREAT NITE OUT go see Lynyrd Skynyrd

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February 22, 2012 2:24:04 AM UTC Post #1

Forgot to mention in my previous post that I brought my cousin (a 25-year-old youngster) to the concert with the promise that he wouldn't be disappointed. It's true what you say that for a GREAT night out, you really can't beat the Skynyrd show. I told him that if you have an opportunity to see one of the great rock and roll bands of all time and a living guitar legend in Gary Rossington that you have to take advantage because you just never know what the future holds. Obviously, he loved the show. It rocked from start to finish. The band and crowd were really in unison and you could tell the guys were having as great a time as we were. As one of my friends once said, "When Skynyrd is onstage playing Sweet Home Alabama, all's right in the world." Couldn't have said it better myself . . .

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