Skynyrd in a Vynyrd
April 24, 2012 6:24:07 AM UTC Post #1

It looks like it could happen again this Oct. 7th. The Doobie Bros. mgr. Bruce Cohn puts on an annual charity concert @ his Sonoma County winery, BR Cohn. Last year LS joined in with The Doob's w/ Jim Messina, Little Feat, Leon Russell, and 2 local acts. I found out that LS is in the Bay Area Oct. 6 @ The Mtn. Winery. The Doob's are playin' the SMC so don't be surprised if LS returns the favor. Last years show was the most fun gig I've been to in years. There's video on YouTube, just search Lynyrd Skynrd @ BR Cohn. The line-up hasn't been announced, but I got my fingers crossed!!!

J Dawg

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