October 16, 2013 12:46:54 AM UTC Post #1

Cant wait for the guys to tour down under .... Feb 2014 ...

October 20, 2013 11:11:57 AM UTC Post #1

Lynyrd Skynyrd has always been a band I'd LOVE to see...since the summer of '75 anyway. Physical Graffiti was great and all, but I needed something different, music wise. I heard Sweet Home Alabama in the '70's, loved the tune, but really never knew who did it. It was always, "Who the fuck is that band?" (mind my French eh). It'd be "Oh, that's Leonard Skinard." Ya, Leonard's damn good. First, a drummer buddy of mine in Vancouver had me sit & listen to ZZTop's Tres Hombres album on the head-phones back in June '75 , while he played the drums to it. He wanted me to learn & play the guitar parts, get the Fandango & Tres Hombres albums down, and start a cover band of a sort. I was thinking "Ya if." Well he's in a gigging jazz/blues fusion band now and doing great. I'm not. It was then, seeking to buy those 2 ZZTop records where I saw Nuthin' Fancy by Lynyrd Skynyrd...asked buddy at record store if this guy was any good. I liked the record cover...Ronnie, Gary, Allen, Leon, Ed, Artimus and Billy who was "flippin' the bird" at the camera was cool to me. Guy said they did Sweet Home Alabama...oh ya? It wasn't 30 seconds into "On The Hunt" and there was born a die-hard bonafide SkynHead until the end. From them, I was turned on to Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels band, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Wet Willie, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Allman bros. (of course), Outlaws...and now, Blackberry Smoke. Any musical artists that come from the CSA is great. I feel I should be from there for some reason and I never been south of Tillsonburg Ontario Canada. I never did get to see them until last May. Bummed that Ronnie,Allen,Ed,Leon,Billy,Cassie,Steve, etc. weren't there, but WHAT A SHOW. You'll love it for damn sure. Sorry about the Coles version of my auto-biography, but anybody who loves Lynyrd Skynyrd a fraction as much as me, are good folks. Have fun and try to get as close to the stage as possible cuz it sounds better. Maybe you can't do that at the venue they're at down under...try though. Take care Lisa & family. Ya'll come back now, ya hear? LOL.

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