Skynard in Worcester MA
October 04, 2013 3:02:03 AM UTC Post #1

1st show since the crash. I was at the last show in Florida in 77. We were down front. 6 or us. 1 by 1 things started flying off the stage. Drum stick, my buddy, another drum stick, my other buddy, an empty bottle of champage, another buddy, a scarf and another buddy. A pair of panties that were thrown on stage by a young lady came back off, another buddy. We left that night and everyone with us had something but me. We drove home talking about how great the concert was all the way home. We crashed and woke up to phone calls asking if we had heard what happened. It stuck with me for ever. Here it is 36 years later. I went and had a great time. Tried to get out of the Hanover to get a picture so I had something after all these years and they had already left.

Would have liked to have something...guess I do with the new memories of a great concert in my home town.

Sounded almost as good as 77.

All the best and hope to see them again...but not another 36 years. I won't make it.

Just a simple man.

Oletimer here.

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