Simple Man
September 02, 2010 2:05:00 AM UTC Post #1

Hello, I am so excited that Lynryd Skynryd is coming to Laramie Wyoming to perform. It is my "Simple Man's" 45th birthday and I am surprising him with front row tickets, yes, seats 10 & 11. He knows we are going to the concert but has no idea that I purchased front row tickets.

I am sure the band will play "Simple Man", but if I have one wish I hope they do. Rudy is my simple man, he lost his father at age 11, his mother raised him as a single mother and he turned out as a "Simple Man" as this song's story tells.

When I was a teenager growning up in Sheridan, Wyoming partying like a rock-star in my highschool days, this is one song that always was one of my favorites. I wanted to find this person, it took several relationships, a marriage of absolute hell, and then one day out of the blue I ran into this person.

He has raised his children (had full custody) put his life on hold and put them first. Always takes care of me, we enjoy life and love to listen to music and ride around on our 1995 Ultra Glide Shriners Edition. He starts my car for me every morning, opens the door for me (car door, house door, any door). This is an example of a simple man.

Please play this song, I look forward to seeing your concert in Laramie Wyoming. Thanks, Tia R. Stroup.

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