Simple Life

Lynyrd Skynyrd proudly brings you "Simple Life," the second video from the brand new album God & Guns, in stores now.

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big bish // October 02, 2009 5:05:23 PM UTC

god & guns is a great cd. I hope the fans buck up and buy it. Support LS


Denny D // October 02, 2009 2:24:57 AM UTC

Solid rythme and great words!


midnightrider // October 01, 2009 12:09:41 PM UTC

this song has alot of meaning behind it,when you been on the road for so long,you think about alot,how things are,whats going on,just being simple in this world today really gets you to thinkung about all the simple things in life,so this song says alot about it,just living a simple life,and thinking about what you have done and who you could help out on a lending hand-SIMPLE LIFE IS A GOOD SONG WITH ALOT OF MEANING BEHIND IT,thanks to skynyrd they bring that to us in there music,and everything these guys to!


wyatt upshaw jet mechanic jia // October 01, 2009 12:44:33 AM UTC

sounds like old days,great song

jet mech jia


jameskelley97 // September 30, 2009 6:19:32 PM UTC

guys i realy put this comment in the wrong spot.I really think anybody thats been going through alot can relate to this song.In july my girl freind had a operation to remove a 35 pound thist on her overy and it did come and had cancer.She just went in and had the last one to remove everything esle we are hopeing this is the last of it and this song i can really relate to so thankyou guys so much lvoe the new album and really want to take her to see you guys in upstate new york hope it soon or before. so thanks again guys.

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